Your Mental Wellness is Important

I know a lot of us fall into this trap… the trap of wanting to please everyone. The problem with always being the one that gives to others is that YOU as a person will end up being depleted.

We’ve all grown up being groomed to be “kind to others, always be polite and always give to others”. This is actually a Universal Law in order to prosper in life because love is the true currency that makes the world go round. If you gave nothing but love and assistance to everyone you encountered in life and if everyone else in the world also gave nothing but love and assistance, the world would be an amazing place.

Unfortunately the world is infested with people who are selfish and just simply negative and ungrateful. Giving to these people is like trying to swim in quicksand. With most people, giving love and assistance changes and empowers the person for the better. But when it comes to negative people, no matter how much you give and give and give, they will never change. Without actually realizing it, we can actually give our power, self-worth and mental health to a person who cares absolutely nothing for us; whether it be a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a spouse of many years or even family.

The aim is to never ever let your self-worth and inner value deplete while giving to others. You deserve to have others pour into you too! Like the metaphor of a well, you give your fulfilling waters to those who seek your replenishment. But in the same breath, you require others to fill you up during your encounter with them. It is not wise to continuously be in the presence of or to entertain people who only take and take from you but yet never give anything back to you. A win-win situation is always the best interaction to have with a person and most importantly in a business deal! If only one person is benefiting, the situation is not meant for increasing good in the world.

Your mental health is very important. It’s okay for you to say no things that try take away from your well being. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing yourself. You need to be at your optimal in order for you to help others. You can’t give from a depleted state so make sure you invest in yourself first.

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