Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

The way your life is right now is a direct result of the beliefs you have about yourself based on the information that your subconscious mind takes in about the outside world. Our subconscious has "filters" which filter the information that our brains take in through our 5 sensory representational systems being either: visual, audio, kinaesthetic, olfactory and/or gustatory.

These filters limit the amount of information you take into your mind. For example, if I told you to look around the room and memorize all the red objects in the room for the next five seconds and then close your eyes. Once you close your eyes I then ask you to say out loud all the brown objects you saw. Most people wouldn't be able to list brown objects because they were not focusing on brown objects but rather red objects.

You must apply the same principle to opportunities! It's human nature for us to focus on the negative in life and all our problems and challenges and guess what? That's all you're going to get because of that! But yet there were so many positives and possibilities all around you the whole time! When you start focusing on the opportunities and positives, they WILL manifest in your life. Not because they were never there and they just miraculously appeared but rather that YOU are finally allowing yourself to see them and embrace them.

Learn how to turn problems into opportunities. Instead of being stick on what has happened rather change your mindset and attitude to look for solutions. Tell yourself that it's actually going to get better. Once you have decided that you are going to stop being negative and pessimistic I promise you that answers are going to start showing up. Trust the process.

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