Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

The average person gets born and then attends primary school, high school, university and then gets a job and gets married and has kids. The events after high school may differ in sequence depending on a person but the generalization around the world is that that is how the sequence of a person's life is supposed to pan out.

During your years spent in primary and high school, you had to write exams at the end of every year and if you passed you would progress to the next grade. Schools acknowledge students that perform well and pass the exams with high marks so you would always know that a certain person was doing better than you. The unfortunate result of years of this conditioning is that our mindsets have now been programmed to subconsciously compare ourselves to other people. And that if someone has obtained something that you haven't then you are doing worse than them and that you are not progressing or that you have failed.

This is a complete fallacy and has led the majority of people in the world into depression. We have been conditioned into believing that obtaining certain things at a certain time shows that you are doing well but ignoring the fact that we are all writing different "exam papers of life". The exams you wrote in school were standardized and everyone in your grade wrote the same exam paper and we use that same thinking with milestones in our life such as graduation from university, getting married, having kids and having a lucrative career.

You might not have graduated from university in record time like some of your other peers but that doesn't take mean you are not doing well. All your girl friends might be married and have kids and you are still single but that does not mean you are not doing well. You may have bought your first house at age 40 and that does not mean that you have not being well for the past 20 years. The key to living a happy life and to not compare yourself to how anyone else lives and what someone else possesses that you don't.

Be patient with yourself, you're trying! If it's taking you longer to achieve something or to get somewhere, it's okay. Stop comparing yourself to other people and what their doing. Things will happen for you at the right time. Be patient. It IS going to work out for you soon.

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