Learn to Master Yourself

You are responsible for your life! There is a universal law called the Law Cause and Effect and the majority of people in the world live on the effect side of life.

If you choose the CAUSE side then you form 4% of all the people in the world who own 96% of all the money, success and happiness in the world. Why? Because they take responsibility.

They take responsibility for their:

- Thoughts

- Words

- Actions

- Decisions

- Results

If you choose this side you form part of the 96% of all the people in the world who owns only 4% of all the money, success and happiness.

Why? Because they blame and make excuses.

They blame:

- Politics

- God/the Devil

- Parents

- Circumstances

- Money

- Teachers

- Anger

- Low-self esteem

You have to learn to master yourself in order for you to really understand how life works. It's not about things outside yourself. It's not about other people. It all starts with YOU first! Your mindset, your habits , you belief system, your thought patterns and what you give your energy to.

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