Just keep going!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Things don't always work out when we want them to. Don't let this discourage you but rather keep going and keep moving forward!

As you grow older you start to realize that timing is everything. You might be prepared for a certain event but if it is not the right time for you to experience the event then unfortunately nothing will manifest.

For example, you could have trained for weeks preparing for an athletics 100 meter sprint which would qualify you to compete in the World Olympics if you won and offer you the opportunity to represent your country in your highest valour. You are confident in yourself that this race is yours to win based on the endless hours spent training your body and after analysing your opponents and their stats compared to your personal best you are certain that the gold medal is yours. The day of the race comes and the results of the race turn out completely different. You come fourth and do not even qualify to be a reserve for the national team for the World Olympics. As you can imagine, your spirit is crushed. You are deeply disappointed and feel like a failure. You even start to doubt your abilities as a talented athlete. Was this dream of running in the Olympics meant to stay just a dream?

It’s important to remember that failures are a natural part of life. Failures are actually there to teach us what we have done wrong and should be looked at as a learning opportunity rather than something bad. It is important to take a step back and ask yourself “What am I meant to learn from this?”. From the outside looking in, your athletic coach who was observing you would tell you that you were not ready to win first place because your form was off, your strides were weak and your breathing was inconsistent. Your coach who has observe you during your training sessions will tell you that your mental state was not yet mature enough to handle the pressure and fame of competing at the World Olympics.

In your mind you were ready to win but the bigger picture of life said you were not yet ready. With more training and maturing you will be ready to win first place to qualify to represent your country and also win gold at the World Olympics. Just because things have not worked out at the time YOU wanted them to work out does not mean that it will never happen. It just means there is more learning that is required for you to go through first before you enter that new state in your life because this new state will demand a greater you in order for you to thrive in this new elevated state.

A lot of people believe they are ready to be millionaires but yet they don’t know the basics of money management. If you were to enter the new state of being a millionaire through winning the lotto, for example, there is an extremely high probability that you will end up back in poverty after a few months because you were not ready for the new state of being a millionaire.

The good news is that you can and WILL reach whatever state you seek in order for you to achieve whatever outcome you desire. It just requires persistence, consistency and patience. Never give up! Keep pushing! Your victory is on it’s way.

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