Gratitude is key!

You are responsible for your emotions during each and every moment of every day. It’s inevitable that you will encounter problems, challenges and negative people but you have a choice on how they will affect you and how you will feel.

Even though I don’t know you, I know for a fact that you are blessed. The fact that you are reading this blog shows tells me that you are alive, you have access to the internet and that you can read. This is not a privilege that quite a lot of people have around the world. Now those few things that I have mentioned I know are just “basics” in our lives and I am certain that there are “bigger” blessings in your life that you take for granted.

If you have good health, loving family, loyal friends or even a job there is so much that you have to be grateful for! The problem that you might be experiencing right now which is taking up all your attention and focus and making you depressed isn’t actually as big of a deal in comparison to everything else that is going RIGHT in your life. As humans we naturally tend to focus on the negative and as a result the negative starts to grow and seem bigger and more horrible than what is actually true.

Remember that what you choose to focus on will be what manifests in your life. If you focus on the bad, bad will always be around you. If you focus on the good, good will always be around you. So next time whenever you find yourself focusing on the negative, I want you to start looking for things you are grateful for and make you happy. Focus on these until the negative starts to drown away and pretty much disappear from your thought process and eventually your reality.

Gratitude immediately helps you to shift your energy and helps you to refocus your mind so that you can live a more peaceful and happier life.

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