Be Grateful Things DIDN'T Work Out

I’m willing to bet money that all of us has been in a situation which we knew was bad for us but we STILL held on to the situation or person in hopes that things would change and get better and eventually work out. It was only when things got horrifically bad when we decided to let go, and not cause we wanted to but because we were forced to.

Deep down inside you are hurt and saddened because this situation or person didn’t work out in your life. You were certain that this situation or person was destined for you so the fact that reality said otherwise is a major blow to the ego and your life plan.

Whenever you are forced to leave a certain situation that you didn’t want to leave ,then take it as a confirmation that the situation was not for you.

When things are seemingly crumbling around you that is actually when things are coming together for you in the background. As the old age adage goes “when one door closes another one opens”. You being denied is actually you being redirected into the correct direction you are meant to travel towards in order for you to step into your greatest self.

We only operate in a thinking that is limited to our knowledge but it is important to remember that there is a bigger picture which takes into consideration so many other elements which will impact more than just yourself. Holding on and forcing things won't help.

Prayer, meditation and discernment will open up your mind so that you are not confined to thinking in a narrow mindset and prevent you from choosing situations and people that are detrimental to us.

Be grateful that certain things DIDN’T work out in your life. You have no idea what you were actually being protected from or what greater things you were actually being guided towards in the midst of everything. That’s why you need to trust that greater things are actually aligning for you… Learn to let go gracefully.

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