Self-belief and confidence/Anxiety release/Anger Management/ Depression/ Trauma/ Family/ Money​/ Balance/ Health & Body​/ Public Speaking​

Think of yourself as an elite athlete or performer on the playing field of life and you need a coach to guide, inspire and champion you as you evolve into your true self or who you are destined to become. 


The Programme Covers:

  • Eliciting your values

  • Goal Setting Achieving System

  • Powerful Questions

  • Life changing life principles

  • Understanding your Subconscious Mind

  • New Focus Filters (What you focus on expands)

  • Inner Conflict Therapy

  • Negative Emotional Therapy

  • Negative Belief Therapy

  • Installing New Empowering Beliefs

  • Anxiety Eliminator

  • Trauma Release

  • Boost Self Love

  • Start Taking Action

  • Transform Self-Image

  • How to speak in public with confidence

Some of the benefits you will receive from the programme:

  • A relationship and collaboration between yourself and the coach

  • Eliciting your values and aligning them towards a successful and happy life

  • Letting go of all the hindrances, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that’s keeping you back in life

  • Understanding how your subconscious mind can empower or sabotage you

  • A major shift in your internal world and how you see life

  • Experiencing unconditional self-love

  • Changing negative thinking habits to positive thinking

  • Resolving Inner Conflict that’s keeping you from moving forward in life

  • Changing your focus on what you choose to have in your life

  • The release of anxiety and fear of the unknown

  • Unearthing your confidence, trust and faith to follow your dreams

  • Changing unwanted habits and behaviour (smoking, procrastination, over-eating etc)

  • Finding a sense of inner-peace, joy and contentment you never had before

  • Finally letting go of traumatic events still haunting you

  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Overcoming your fear of public speaking


Private One-On-One Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops

Yes, your life can and will be transformed in only 16 hours (eight sessions and every session is about two hours).

We advise to complete your programme within a month (3-4 weeks) time for you to start the journey towards your Vision!